Shipmate's Photo Albums

Got a collection of pictures from your Sally days sitting around in an old shoebox? Now there is an exciting new way for you to share those photos with your shipmates while keeping them in your possession and under your control. Just use one of any free, web-based photo management systems available today such as Google Photos, or Facebook to set up your album.

Click on the links below for examples of your shipmate’s web albums.

Once you have your pictures scanned into your computer as .jpg files, it's a fairly simple matter of uploading them into Google Photos or Facebook. Then all you have to do is send an email containing a link to your album to Maurice Medland at the address on the Contact Us page.

We will then post a link on this page called "The (Your Name) Collection." When our shipmates click on the link, it will take them right to your pictures. This is the new way we will be handling all photos that our shipmates want to share.

The nice thing about it is that it can be an on-going project where you add, delete, add captions, etc., at your own pace. Your album doesn't have to be complete for you to give us a link to post. Whenever you are comfortable with what you have as a starting point, just let us know and we will set up the link. You can then add more pictures to your album whenever you feel like it. As far as content is concerned, you're the boss. You can include anything our shipmates might find interesting, Sally related or not. Captions under each picture containing Who, What, When and Where are encouraged, but not required.

Don’t let those great old pictures get thrown out in the trash someday. This is an easy way to preserve your Sally adventures for posterity. Your children and grandchildren will thank you for it.




The Reuben W. Yon, Jr. Collection


The Bill Gilmore Collection


The Mark Webb Collection


Above photo courtesy of the late Tom Warner. Tom originally thought that this may have been a picture of the first crew of the Sally under CAPT Doyle G. Donaho, but states "After more careful study and very tired eyes, I believe that the crew picture was taken sometime while CDR V. Williams was XO. The CO is not in the picture and the officer front and center is CDR Williams as best I can tell. I have been able to recognize some familiar faces in the picture (CHMACH R. B. Kirby wearing glasses in middle of second row), but cannot put names to the faces. I have found my own face in the picture so the picture is vintage 48-50."