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Fortes Fortuna Juvat. Fortune Favors the Brave. An apt motto for a ship which served with distinction in three wars and which proudly displays the Navy Unit Commendation for outstanding heroism in combat among her many Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons. Established by order of the Secretary of the Navy, 18 December 1944, the Navy Unit Commendation is awarded by the Secretary to any ship, aircraft, detachment, or other unit of the naval service of the United States Navy which has, subsequent to 6 December 1941, "distinguished itself by outstanding heroism in action against the enemy . . ."

To justify this award, the unit must have performed service of a character comparable to that which would justify the award of a Silver Star Medal (for heroism) or a Legion of Merit (for meritorious service) to an individual.

You are encouraged to join our association.

As stated in the Bylaws of the USS Salisbury Sound Association, membership is available to all individuals who served aboard the United States Ship Salisbury Sound (AV-13) and individuals who were assigned to squadrons and staffs which were assigned to the ship.

Other individuals of good character who share the goals and ideals of the USS Salisbury Sound Association may become members upon recommendation of a member in good standing.

Association membership fees are:

1. The first 300 members to join shall be Charter Members with annual dues of $15.00.
2. All subsequent members joining the Association shall be Regular Members with annual dues of $20.00.
3. Widows of members are always welcome at our reunions and are not required to pay annual membership dues.

To join the USS Salisbury Sound Association, please contact Victor Fischer, Association Secretary, at the address on the Contact Us page.

Ship photo by Robert Otten AT2, V3 Div., USS Salisbury Sound (AV-13). Sally at anchor in Buckner Bay, Okinawa, March, 1955, 54-55 Far Eastern Cruise. Used by permission.

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